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The Raja school have coalesced curricula of Life Preparatory and College Preparatory.

Life Preparatory School – is divided into three sectors

College Preparatory School - is divided into two sectors

Our comprehensive core curriculum includes all the required academic courses as well as enrichment courses such as Art, Music, Physical Education, Computer Laboratories and Foreign Languages. Our full English immersion programs apply diverse teaching methodologies and strategies to engage our students and promote learning including, Creative and Research Project Presentation, Field Experiences and Student Directed Activities. Academic development is monitored and evaluated through regular class examination and grading, as well as term end standardized tests and Public Board Examinations for the grades 10,11,12.

Our challenging core curriculum prepares students for Higher learning institutions and produces exemplary students with outstanding records of Board Examination and achievement.

Raja School is committed to create a progressive generation by imparting Quality Education.

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